North Sound Democratic Socialists of America (NSDSA)

The North Sound Democratic Socialists of America (NSDSA) is the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) chapter for:

  • Island County
  • Skagit County
  • San Juan County

NSDSA Organizing and Action Focus

So far, we dedicate our resources and focus to act on the following issues:

Housing justice

Racial justice

Environmental Justice

Universal Healthcare

Indigenous sovereignty

Free and fair elections

Labor rights and collective bargaining

Food justice and sustainable agriculture

Criminal justice reform and prison abolition

Public land use and land trusts

While this list is daunting, we find ways in which we can have an immediate material impact on these urgent issues through intentional community activism, mutual aid, resource distribution, and education. Philosophically developing through reading groups, workshops, and lectures, we use our knowledge to organize within our rural communities.

We are connected to the national DSA organization, but our primary concern is affecting material change locally. We believe that local and rural organizing shapes the greater political landscape and the material conditions of our friends and neighbors.

We are a newly established chapter of the DSA and our membership is growing! All those that wish to learn more about democratic socialism, the DSA, or to help us work towards building a better community are welcome!